Destiny 2 Guide – How to Find Public Events in Destiny 2

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Luckily, there are many ways to find public events in Destiny 2. These events occur throughout the game, and they will give you plenty of chances to level up. Using your newfound coins will help you buy exotic weapons and armor. These events can also be quite rewarding for those who enjoy a bit of challenge. However, these events will not be available for everyone. Therefore, it’s important to find the best way to find these events in Destiny 2.

Spire Integration

Spire Integration for public events is a mission in the game. You have to defeat the Servitor to earn the Spire Plates. This event is challenging, so you might want to take some help from a friend. It is also worth noting that if you’re playing solo, this mission can be very difficult. The main objective is to destroy the Servitor, but you can also make it harder by capturing as many plates as you can.

To unlock the Heroic version of Spire Integration, you must defeat the Prime Ether Servitor and the Ether Resupply. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to access the Heroic version of this quest, which includes the Elite Vex and Integration Mind. This event can be completed on Nessus, Europa, and Io.

Crux Convergence

The Crux Convergence is a public event in the upcoming game Destiny 2. The objective of this event is to stop the Fallen from communing with the Darkness. To do this, players must capture the Darkness Crux and destroy the Brigs. These enemies have a massive shield and conventional tactics will not be able to penetrate them. To complete this public event, players will need to explore three different locations on Europa.

This new public event in Destiny 2 introduces a number of new things. One of the new things in this expansion is the Crux Convergence, which spawns in Europa. When the event spawns, players will get a notification and head to the area to prepare for the showdown with the Fallen mechs. The rewards for this event are much better than those from other public events, so make sure to take advantage of this!

The Crux Convergence public event on Europa is quite simple, but it has a sneaky twist. This event is found in the Eventide Ruins, and requires players to catch multiple points in a short period of time. Fallen soldiers and invulnerable Brigs will attack you, and as soon as your shield goes down, you will need to kill them.

Crux Convergence Beyond Light also includes new weapons, exotics, and endgame activities, as well as a new Public Event called the “Crux Convergence.” To complete the “Crux Convergence” Public Event, players must lower their shields to get loot. As a bonus, the Heroic modifier increases loot gained from this Public Event.

Crux Convergence public events are divided into three stages, each requiring players to capture multiple points and kill specific enemies. Players will need to kill three elites at each capture point to complete the event. During each of these stages, they will also need to destroy a small machine at each capture point. The small machine doesn’t have a ton of health, but it is important to destroy it before killing the three elites.

Witches’ Ritual

The Witches’ Ritual is one of the public events in Destiny 2. To complete it, you must defeat two Ritual Witches and two Hive Wizards. The event takes place on Titan, but you can also find it in Hellmouth and Florescent Canal. The only difference between these three locations is the location of the event. You can find both the Heroic and Legendary versions of the event.

The Witch Queen expansion introduces a new patrol zone, Savathun’s Throne World, a dangerous physical representation of the Witch Queen’s mind. It also introduces new public events and brings back some of the older events. There are three new public events available in this expansion.

You can also find it by performing an enemy battle. If you can defeat a group of enemies, you will be rewarded with Resonant Charges. These charges are dropped by enemies who are part of the Scorn faction. These charges need to be placed in a Resonant Splinter. After using all six charges, you will trigger the Heroic Public Event and the extra Scorn bosses.

To complete the event, you need to stand on two plates. These plates are connected to a central tower. Three rays will emerge from the tower and each ray will connect to a capture plate. If you manage to do this, you’ll receive extra loot. Alternatively, you can take part in the event by defending the tower from Vex sacrifices.

After completing the quest, you can move on to the next event. Once you’ve completed all three missions, you’ll have completed all of the missions for the day and can proceed to the next phase. To finish the next public event, you need to kill the final boss. It is found on the Moon and Io, but you can also find it on the European Dead Zone.

Ether Harvest

In Ether Harvest, you need to defeat waves of Scorn enemies to reach the Heroic Tier. During this event, you’ll have to use powerful items, such as the Ether Essence, to survive. To do this, you’ll need to be in the Four Horned Gulch area.

You’ll also need to fight Chieftains. This public event will have three of them attacking you. To defeat them, you must stop them before they reach the center of the Public Event area. This will require quick handwork and a lot of teamwork. Luckily, you can use Titan barricades to make this task easier for you and your team. In addition, Warlocks with Lunafaction boots can make your job easier by automatically replenishing weapon ammo.

The final boss of the Ether Ritual Public Event is the Ether Abomination. It can be found in Divalian Mists in Dreaming City, Rheasilvia, Florescent Canal in the Throne World, and Four-Horn Gulch on Tangled Shore before it was removed. If you’re able to defeat the Ether Abomination, you’ll unlock the chest with the rewards you’ve earned from the event.

This public event is divided into three phases. During each stage, players must defeat enemies and recharge the Beacon. Once it’s fully charged, stronger enemies will appear. Once you kill all of them, you’ll progress to the next stage. In the final stage, you’ll have to fight the boss.


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