Fixing Spotify Song Preview Not Working

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If you are unable to see the preview of a song on Spotify, you may have to manually select it. The preview time is usually ten to sixty seconds. In some cases, the preview will take longer. If the preview still is not working, check the following settings: Touch preview, Friend activity, Cache, and Hardware acceleration.

Touch preview

If you’re finding that your Spotify song preview is not working, you’re not alone. The majority of users report this problem, which can be frustrating. Luckily, there are some simple solutions that can help you fix this problem. First, make sure that your account is active, and you’re using the correct app version. If you’re using an older version, or if your subscription is for free, you may not have the latest update.

If you’re having trouble finding songs on your playlist, you can try turning off Spotify’s “Friend Activity” feature. By default, this feature is set to public. If you don’t want your friends to see your activity on the app, you can turn off Friend Activity or Private Sessions in Settings.

If the issue persists, you can contact the Spotify support team via Twitter or through the official website. Be sure to provide the error code so they can help you troubleshoot. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription. In some cases, problems with Spotify are caused by problems with your Windows system, your browser, or your connection.

Friend activity

Spotify is an online music streaming service that allows you to follow friends with similar interests. However, sometimes you may not be able to see friends’ activity on the music player. This is a bug that can be frustrating to deal with, but there are some things you can try to fix it.

First of all, if you don’t want to see what your friends are listening to, you can opt out of sharing your activity with them. You can do this by explicitly choosing Private mode in your account. Afterwards, you can check to see whether your friends have played any of your songs.

You can also change the way the Friend Activity feed is displayed. By default, it is set to be public, but you can switch it off by going into the Settings menu. Another option is to choose to view your Friend Activity as a private session. If you use a computer, you can choose to view your own activity on a separate tab if you’re using a mobile device.

If you’re using a mobile phone, you can also switch your account to a private session to stop sharing your music. This option is available on mobile and desktop devices. Once you do so, your account will remain private until you log out, restart your account, or wait a certain amount of time without activity.


If you find the Spotify song preview button is not working, there are several causes. One reason is that Spotify may not have permission to stream the song. In some cases, this is because the song has explicit content in it, and therefore cannot be streamed. Another possible cause is that the music player has a problem connecting to your device. In either case, you may have to remove the song from your library in order to use the Spotify song preview button again.

The first thing you should do is to check the device you’re using. Some devices may not have the latest version of Spotify. Also, some models of the mobile app are not supported. This can cause the music player to hang or crash. To fix this, download a recent version of Spotify for Android or iOS.

Another possible cause is that you’re running out of storage space. Spotify recommends that you keep a minimum of 1GB of free space available for downloading songs. Alternatively, you can remove downloaded files from your computer or mobile device or clear the cache and internal storage. However, this can cause the music to play at a lower quality than it should be. You can also try to use offline mode in Spotify, but this will slow down your listening experience.

Hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a feature that Spotify offers to help your streaming experience. It does this by offloading certain tasks to the hardware on your computer, allowing Spotify to run faster. This can improve performance and prevent bugs. The feature is only available in the premium version. You can disable it if you don’t want to use it.

To enable hardware acceleration, open the Spotify app on your computer and go to the Settings menu. Next, open the advanced settings menu and select Hardware acceleration. Make sure the toggle is turned on. It should be green when enabled. Once enabled, you can listen to music with better sound quality. If this doesn’t work, try turning off Hardware Acceleration.

Hardware acceleration may not be compatible with older computers. It can also cause other minor problems. Turning off hardware acceleration and rebooting your computer will usually solve the problem. Once hardware acceleration is disabled, restart the program and check if it works again. If not, try enabling it again and see if you have the same issue.

You can turn on or disable hardware acceleration in the settings menu of Spotify. This feature is available for both the premium and free versions.

Greyed out songs

Sometimes, your Spotify account will have greyed out songs, but you can fix this by turning off Offline Mode and checking that you have a stable internet connection. If this doesn’t help, try adding the song to your playlist. After that, you should be able to play it normally.

There are many reasons why you may have a greyed out song. First of all, you need to make sure that your music file is DRM-protected. If it is, you’ll need to use an audio converter to decrypt it. You can also try using a free tool like Musify to download free music and later import it to Spotify.

Another reason why songs may appear grayed out on Spotify is that their licensing agreements are expiring. Sometimes, this means that the song won’t be available in your country. This is a risk since Spotify pays artists per song. Alternatively, it could be that the song has not been played in a while.

Regardless of the reason, you can fix greyed out songs on Spotify by trying to add the song again or by searching for them. Reinstalling the Spotify app may also fix this problem. You can do this by downloading it from the official site and then refreshing your account.

Friend activity turned on by default

Friend activity is a feature that allows you to see what songs your friends are listening to. It’s not a mandatory setting, but you can choose to have it turned on. It’s also possible to switch this setting off at any time. To turn off Friend Activity, go to the settings menu in the Spotify app.

If you don’t want to see what your friends are listening to, you can turn off this feature. First, launch the Spotify application on your desktop. Click on the Music Page, then click “Settings.” Scroll down and click “Display.” Click on “See what your friends are listening to” and choose “On.” Once you’ve done this, the feature will appear on your screen.

To access your friends’ listening activity, go to Settings > Friend activity. Friend activity on Spotify is turned on by default, but some users have complained that they can’t view their friends’ listening activity. If this is the case, check to make sure your friends have set their privacy settings correctly.

You may also want to check if the app is updated to the latest version. This may fix the issue. If you’re still unable to view your friends’ activity, you can manually update your Spotify app.

Fixing the problem

Sometimes, when you try to play a song on Spotify, you may find that it won’t play properly. This can be a result of copyright restrictions or software issues. If this occurs, you can fix the problem by resetting the Spotify settings. You can also try to restart the Spotify application.

There are many reasons why a Spotify song preview is not working, but there are also some easy fixes. Fortunately, Spotify has official support channels for many of its problems. Check out the forums to see if you can get some help. You may even be able to resolve the problem yourself.

First, you can try to restart the device. To reset the settings, you should first disable the “Auto adjust quality” slider on your device. If this doesn’t work, try changing the quality level to something else. You should then try to play the song again to see if the problem has been solved.

If the problem persists, try clearing your cache. This will clear out any unwanted data stored in your device. If this still doesn’t work, you can try to reinstall the Spotify app from the Google Play Store. Occasionally, this problem can be caused by older versions of the Spotify app or a rooted device. If your device isn’t updated, you can also try resetting it. Make sure to make a backup of your device, or else you may end up with a broken device.


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