Gen 2 Pokemon Guide – How to Get Infernape, Greninja, Misdreavus, Larvitar, and Many More Gen 2 Pokemon

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If you are looking for Pokemon of Gen 2, you have come to the right place. This article will teach you how to catch Infernape, Greninja, Misdreavus, Larvitar, and many other gen 2 Pokemon. These creatures are some of the most popular in the Pokemon franchise.


Infernape is a fire-type Pokemon that is a strong offensive threat. Its base attack stats are very powerful and it has a decent speed stat, making it a good choice for competitive battling. However, its weakness is its lack of bulk, making it susceptible to ground-type and flying type moves. To counter this, Infernape comes with an ability called Iron Fist, which increases the power of punch-based attacks by 1.2 times. If used correctly, this Pokémon is a very effective end-of-battle weapon.

Infernape is a bipedal, primate-like Pokemon with white fur on its chest, head, and lower legs. It also has gold markings on its body, including flame-shaped markings on its knees and the back of its hands. The top of its head is crowned by a large flame. It has a red ridge over its eyes, a long tail, and long, round ears with blue inside.=


Greninja is a very sneaky Pokemon that has good coverage moves and a high Speed tier. Its only real weakness is its bulk and inability to withstand resisted hits, but it is still one of the best Pokemon available for battle. Whether you want to use it as your main Pokemon or you want to play it as a support Pokemon, you’ll find a moveset that fits your strategy.

Greninja is an incredibly versatile Pokemon and is one of the most popular Pokemon in Kalos. It has a wide movepool, including plenty of Dark-type and Water-type moves. It is also very fast, so you can put pressure on other bulky Pokemon.

The Greninja has monstrous Speed and Special Attack, making it one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game. It also has a Water Shuriken, which is one of the strongest priority moves in the game. It is also one of the best offensive Spikers.


The Misdreavus is a nocturnal ghost Pokemon that thrives on fear. It uses its shrill screams to frighten its opponents and then feeds on their fear. While it may be a little creepy, it’s more mischievous than malevolent, enjoying the thrill of scaring people. It also uses its hair as hands to grasp objects.

Misdreavus was one of the top Pokemon in the second generation, but has fallen from favor in recent generations. It’s now near the bottom of the competitive ladder. Its main drawback is its lack of firepower, and it can be quickly overpowered by offensive powerhouses. It faces competition from Pokemon like Gengar, which is much more potent and more dangerous right away. While this Pokemon can also be used as a disabler, it’s reliance on Eviolite makes it susceptible to being worn down over time.

Misdreavus is weak to many moves, but it is capable of using multiple attack moves in its arsenal. Its dual-wielding moves help it deal with multiple targets at once. It can also be used as a teammate with another Misdreavus.


The Larvitar is a small, dark green reptile Pokemon. Its body is made of rocky material and its head has a hard spine. It also has acute black streak markings below the eyes and in the upper corners. Larvitar also has a few holes along their bodies, a red rhombus-shaped belly, and one nailed toe. Unlike other Pokemon, Larvitar does not have a distinctive male/female feature.

The Larvitar evolves into Pupitar when it reaches level 30. This Pokemon can be leveled up by battling other Pokemon in the wild. It can also be leveled up by using Rare Candy, which boosts its level by one. You can also catch Larvitar as an overworld spawn in the Grand Underground, or in Rocky Cave Hideaways. When leveled up, Larvitar can evolve into Pupitar or Tyranitar, which are two of the more powerful Pokemon in the game.

Larvitar is a rare Pokemon in Generation 2 games. It is not available in Shining Pearl, Pokemon Sword, or Pokemon Ultra Sun, but can be obtained in Pokemon Shield. To get Larvitar, you’ll need to complete the main story, complete the Sinnoh Dex, defeat the Elite Four, and unlock the National Dex.


In Pokemon GO, players can learn how to get Tyrogue, a powerful Pokemon that can evolve into other Pokemon. Tyrogue stats vary, but there is a good chance you will be able to get a good one if you keep collecting them. You can also collect Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, or Hitmonchan, which are wild Pokemon.

Tyrogue’s greatest strength is her unquenchable competitiveness. She will challenge anyone and not quit until she has won. She will slug targets without warning, and has a high level of energy. Because she is a fighter, it is important to train her on a daily basis. If she isn’t training every day, she will get stressed and can’t learn the moves she needs to evolve.

One of the easiest ways to get Tyrogue is to breed her with the right Pokemon. In Pokemon GO, this is easier to do than you may think. Magmar was previously hard to get. In its own generation, Magmar was difficult to get. Since it was a special case, obtaining Magby would require a lot of breeding. In Gen II, however, breeding was the only way to get Magby.


If you want to evolve your Tyrogue into a Hitmontop, you’ll need to know the right way to catch it. In Pokémon Go, you must capture Tyrogue eggs. You cannot catch it in the wild. Then, you will have to wait until Tyrogue reaches level 20 and evolves into the Hitmontop.

A Hitmontop is a bipedal humanoid Pokemon that has a single spike on its head. This spike helps it spin while throwing kicks. The Hitmontop’s body is mostly blue with a brown triangular patch on its chest. The legs are short and have white bands near their feet and hands. Its tail has a blue sphere on it. It has beady eyes and round blue feet. It’s average-sized at about four feet tall and seven inches in length.

The Hitmontop is the 237th Pokemon in the game. Every Pokemon in the game is given a sequential number, with Pokemon from previous generations getting priority. This number is useful because it reminds you of what generation your Hitmontop belongs to.

Tyrogue is a three-stage evolution Pokemon

Tyrogue is a three-stage evolution Pokémon that can be obtained through Max Raid Battles and other sources. It is also found in raid dens in Dusty Bowl, Rolling Fields, and South Lake Miloch. Tyrogue evolves into Hitmonlee and Hitmontop based on its Attack and Defense stats. The evolution process is very similar to that of Eevee, but a few key differences exist.

When you first encounter Tyrogue, it will appear in the Wild Area at a level between 11 and 15. You may also acquire it through trade. Depending on the weather, Tyrogue can also be found in the overworld at levels 10 to 14. The Tyrogue is rare in Route 3, so be sure to search for it as soon as you can.

Tyrogue is a fighting-type Pokemon. It is susceptible to rock, dark, and bug moves, so be careful where you place them. You can also catch Tyrogue with the help of a Buddy Pokemon, which will drop Candy every 5 km. Its attack and defence are the 25th and 22nd highest in the game, respectively. However, it is weak to Flying, Psychic, and Fairy Pokemon.


As a fire/dark type, Houndour evolves into Houndoom at level 24. This incredibly fast Pokemon is a great teammate, but it’s also very careful around Bug type Pokemon. Radical Red has taken this into consideration when designing this Pokémon. Here are some ways to get your hands on a Houndour in the Gen 2 game:

Using Protect and Focus Sash will help you stop your opponent early. The ability to wallbreak and revenge kill means that most Pokemon will have trouble dealing with Houndour. Sucker Punch, Reversal, and Overheat can all 2HKO Houndour, but it is not completely unbeatable.

The best way to catch Houndour in the Gen 2 game is to train it. Most of these Pokemon are not easy to catch, and there are two types of Houndour in the game: Fire and Dark. This is a good choice for a Fire/Dark attacker, as they will evolve into great, powerful Pokemon.

Using GBA wireless adapter to get gen 2 pokemon

The wireless adapter allows you to play the same game on two systems. This is useful for gamers who want to trade between games without transferring their save data. However, this can have some drawbacks. For one, it’s not compatible with Japanese games, so you may not be able to play them. Another drawback is that Japanese games are not compatible with Western games, so they might end up corrupting your save data.

In order to use the adapter, you must have a GBA with a wireless connection. Using a wireless adapter will allow you to play Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen wirelessly with a friend. You can also use a wireless adapter with other compatible games.


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