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If you’re looking for a new hip hop playlist on Spotify, you have many options. Curators include RapCaviar, Myles Lloyd, Howard Zhu, and Filtr. Each one has a different style and focus, but all of them are great. These playlists will be curated by artists and fans, and they’re updated often.


RapCaviar is one of the most popular hip hop playlist curators on Spotify. The playlist has a massive 14 million user base and has propelled rapper Lil Uzi Vert to stardom. The playlist’s success has led to the creation of a documentary series, RapCaviar Presents, from Hulu and Sony Pictures Television’s IPC studio. The docuseries will examine the music, culture, and impact of RapCaviar.

RapCaviar is a playlist that showcases hit songs from artists such as Migos. The playlist includes a few of their songs that have reached the Top 200 on Spotify. The playlist also features songs from Lil Uzi Vert, a young artist who released his debut album this year. The song reached the Top 4 spot on Spotify’s weekly chart.

In order to be featured on RapCaviar, artists must have their music on Spotify. They can then promote the songs on Spotify using SoundCampaign. All they need to do is to visit the SoundCampaign website, click on the Create Campaign button, and fill out the required information. The music will be reviewed by professional playlist curators.

The RapCaviar playlist has attracted millions of followers. The playlist has become so popular that Spotify is planning a tour. It is being curated by Tuma Basa, Spotify’s global head of hip hop. She has added five new songs every week, and the playlist is being updated every month. It also includes curated concerts.

To get your track on the RapCaviar playlist, it is essential to optimize your Spotify for Artists profile. It is important to have a good description, as good content will increase the chances of landing on the biggest playlist. While getting your track on RapCaviar playlist is an amazing opportunity, it is not always an easy process. Luckily, there are a few tips to help you get your music on the playlist and start racking up the streams.

RapCaviar has millions of subscribers and has become a brand in itself. This has helped the company attract new subscribers. It also allows RapCaviar to capture more value from its subscribers through merchandise and live events.

Howard Zhu

If you’re an artist, you may want to consider submitting your tracks to one of the many Spotify playlist curators. Howard Zhu and I have created playlists for hip hop, R&B, chill and party genres. You can submit your track for free. Another option is MySphera, an online platform that helps artists match up with relevant tastemakers. This service is available for free to musicians and is an excellent way to spread your music and build a following.

Many independent playlist curators are also on Spotify. Their goal is to promote indie artists, but they aren’t required to work for a specific company. These curators are self-employed, and they can accept songs for free if they have a decent following.

Myles Lloyd

During Black Music Month, Billboard invited artists to curate unique Spotify playlists that reflect their appreciation for fellow artists and their culture. R&B singer Myles Lloyd is among those artists who have contributed to this playlist, sharing a soundtrack that features classic cuts from Erykah Badu and Curtis Mayfield.

Myles Lloyd’s songs are often filled with vulnerable and careless emotion. His music is based on real-life situations, and his lyrics convey his feelings in a raw and honest way. His music is an expression of his own life experiences and is an excellent release from the stress of everyday life.


Filtr is one of the most popular third-party playlist curators on Spotify. Its US account has more than 17 million followers and over 200 playlists. The company is backed by Sony Music Entertainment and accepts playlist submissions from any artist or label. Another popular playlist curator is Digster, which is owned by Universal Music Group. It has over 100 playlists on Spotify and allows independent artists to submit them through SubmitHub.

To submit your own song to a playlist, find the curator’s contact details. Make sure to include your artist name, song title, album title, and a link to your music so the curator can listen to it. Do not send the song as an email attachment unless they explicitly ask for it. Make sure to follow the curator’s rules. Doing anything else will only get you nowhere. If you want your song featured, follow the rules of the curator and be respectful.

Submitting your music to a playlist can help you get more exposure online and in person. Many record labels have their own curated playlists and promote artists on other playlists. Some of these labels even have their own sub-brands dedicated to playlist curation. Spotify has a list of the top Hip Hop playlist curators.

To submit your music to a playlist on Spotify, contact the curator’s email address. You can email them on the day that the playlist is released. Make sure to write an email with a clear subject, a brief bio, and your Spotify link. The curators’ email address will be revealed on the day that the playlist is published.

While it may seem daunting, pitching your song to a curator’s list is a great way to get your music heard. This will help increase your views and monthly listeners. You can also build a relationship with a playlist curator by submitting to the site’s community forum.


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