How to Block an Unknown Number on iPhone

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Fortunately, cell phone carriers provide means to block unwanted callers. You can set your phone to block any unknown number by following a few simple steps. First, go to Settings. Next, locate the “Do Not Disturb” toggle. Once enabled, a green moon icon will appear on the status bar. Finally, set the “Allow Calls from” option to “All Contacts.” Once this is done, the small check icon will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Should I Answer

It is possible to block a caller’s number from showing up on your iPhone screen. Blocking these numbers is legal and permitted by the Federal Communications Commission. This feature prevents unsolicited calls, text messages, and FaceTime messages from contacting you. To block these numbers, you need to first identify the number. Then, you should tap the i icon next to the number to select Block this Caller.

Apple introduced a new feature that allows users to block calls from unknown numbers. This feature is available in the Phone settings and the Settings app. You can also block calls from registered contacts or messages using Siri. This way, you can avoid wasting your time answering unknown calls. You can check your call logs anytime to see who’s calling you.


If you’ve been annoyed by unknown callers, consider installing the free Robokiller app. It can detect spam and unwanted robocalls, and it can also help you block calls from known numbers. The app works by scanning the incoming phone call list, and then unmasks unknown numbers by analyzing their identity and carrier. The app can block both outgoing and incoming calls. It also has a blacklist option, which allows you to add a list of numbers that you want to avoid receiving calls from.

Once installed, you should follow the directions given by Robokiller. If you encounter problems, you can always delete the app or contact the carrier. The support team will help you solve the problem. If you don’t feel comfortable deleting the app, you can also contact the developers of Robokiller.

If you’re concerned about spam calls, RoboKiller also has a feature that allows you to block specific exchange and area codes. Tap on the Settings button on the app’s home screen. Tap on the Add to Block list button and enter the number or range of numbers that you want to block.

Robokiller is a popular phone app that blocks unwanted calls and spam messages. It has the potential to block up to 99% of spam and robocalls. This app also uses machine learning to remove spam callers from your phone list automatically. The application costs $3.99 per month, depending on your plan.

Another way to block unwanted calls is to manually block the number from your phone. Many spam callers use the same phone prefix as yours. It’s simple to block these calls. If you don’t want to deal with spam, you can manually block them using your iPhone.

Silence Unknown Callers

When you receive a call from a number that you do not recognize, you may want to silence it. iOS does not currently offer this feature from the Control Center, but you can easily turn it on or off by creating a shortcut in the Apple Shortcuts app. Simply tap on the My Shortcuts tab and select “Silence Unknown Callers.” From here, you can also add the shortcut to your home screen.

Silence Unknown Callers on your iPhone is a great way to reduce your phone’s volume and make it more effective as a communication tool. To silence unknown callers on your iPhone, go to Settings > Phone and select “Silence Unknown Callers.” Once you have activated this feature, incoming calls from these numbers will be silenced, but those from numbers that you do not have saved in your contact list will continue to ring.

Another way to silence unknown callers on your iPhone is by putting your phone on silent mode. By doing so, unknown callers won’t ring your iPhone, and you can still receive their voicemails. This feature is especially useful if you are constantly getting unwanted calls from unknown callers. While it won’t eliminate spam calls, it can help you deal with a growing number of annoying calls from unknown numbers.

Another way to silence unknown callers is to install third-party apps that block unknown numbers. T-Mobile offers a free version of ScamShield which protects your phone from robocalls and spam. For a monthly fee, you can upgrade to Scam Shield Premium and get rid of unwanted calls on your iPhone.

Once you have iOS 13, you can enable the Silence Unknown Callers feature and have all unknown calls directed to voicemail. The toggle will turn green once this option is enabled. This feature is available for iPhone users with iOS 13. There are a few steps you need to take to make the feature work for you.

AT&T Call Protect

If you’ve been getting annoying calls from an unknown number, then you’ll definitely want to learn how to block an unknown number on AT&T’s Call Protect iPhone application. It’s a useful feature that automatically blocks unknown numbers, and will allow you to receive notifications when they call you. It also works with Siri, so you can ask Siri to block a number. This will prevent you from getting calls from unknown numbers and will ensure that you’re not interrupted by spam calls.

If you’re wondering how to block an unknown number on AT&T’s Call Protect iPhone application, you can access it by opening your iPhone’s settings and then selecting the “Call Protect” option. This will show you the call log and show you any blocked numbers. If you accidentally block a number, you can easily unblock it again by selecting it from the call log.

The next step in blocking an unknown number is to find the contact. You can do this in the Contacts app, Messages app, or Phone app. To find a contact that you’ve blocked, open the conversation with that person. Tap the Info button, and then scroll down until you find the option that says “Block this caller.”

If you’re looking for a free call blocking application for your iPhone, AT&T Call Protect is an excellent choice. It works on the AT&T network and has received great reviews from its large user base. It uses Hiya’s call blocking technology to block spam and unwanted calls.

Android users can also block unknown numbers by installing a mobile app. These apps have many different features and can block robo-callers. Android users can open their Phone app and go to the Recent tab. Tap the number and tap “Block/Report Spam” or “Report Junk”. On Samsung phones, you can manually add the number you want to block.


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