How to Record on Screen

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If you are wondering how to record on screen, then you have come to the right place. There are several different programs that can be used to record screen activities. Some of them are QuickTime Player, OBS Studio, Camtasia, and Vidyard. All these tools can help you to record your screen activity in no time at all.

QuickTime Player

If you want to record a portion of your screen, you can use the QuickTime Player. To record a screen portion, click the red Record button in the screen recording box. Then, choose the audio source, and press the Esc key or press Control + Command + Esc simultaneously to stop recording.

The QuickTime player is an easy-to-use multimedia player. Its user-friendly interface and excellent audio and video playback capabilities make it an indispensable application for multimedia production. It also supports basic video editing functions like splitting, merging, and trimming. In addition, QuickTime can also be used as a screen recorder, which can capture screen activities.

QuickTime Player can be opened from the Applications folder or from the Launchpad on your Mac. You can also open it by pressing Command + Space, then typing the name of the app. In the QuickTime Player window, you’ll see options to take screenshots and record screen videos. You can choose to record the entire screen, select a section of it, or record only the part you want to record. You can even resize the window if necessary.

To start a screen recording, click the first icon on the left side of the screen recording window. If you choose the audio option, you can use the microphone icon. Alternatively, you can click anywhere on the screen to record the audio. To stop the recording, press Command + Control + Esc.


Camtasia allows you to record on screen and edit the recorded video. It has a window in the top left corner where you can create a new project. When you open the new recording window, you’ll see a small rectangle on the screen and a record button. Click the red button to start the recording process. The rectangle will be sized to your screen’s dimensions, but the aspect ratio will remain the same.

Camtasia is one of the most popular screen recording programs on the market. Its easy-to-use UI and built-in templates make it a simple and quick way to record screen recordings. It also allows you to add annotations and audio tracks. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms, and has an extensive library of audio and video clips. You can also add custom effects and music to your recordings, or import your own videos. Camtasia even lets you import PowerPoint pages directly into its environment.

Once you’ve created your project, you can share it using Camtasia’s social media tools. This is a great feature for those who like to post their screen recordings online. To share your project, click the Share button in the top right corner. Then, select the platform and follow the instructions.


Vidyard, previously known as ViewedIt and Vidyard GoVideo, is a screen recording application for Google Chrome. It allows you to capture your screen and video in HD quality and share the resulting videos online. The free version allows you to record up to one hour of video, while the Pro version allows you to record for as long as you need. It even lets you draw on the screen while recording, and add speaking notes. The app is available for Windows and Mac, as well as iOS.

Using Vidyard is easy and convenient. You can record your screen or webcam, and add captions and metadata to your videos automatically. You can also add call-to-actions and transcripts to your videos. In addition, you can add password protection, so that viewers can view them only after logging in.

Apart from being able to record on screen, Vidyard helps you create engaging presentations and onboard new customers. It also helps you communicate with your teammates in a more effective way.


In PowerPoint 2013, you can record on screen using the new screen recording feature. This update was released on February 16. To record your screen, open your PowerPoint presentation and click the Insert tab, then click the Screen Recording option. Once the recording window appears, select the area of the screen you want to record with the crosshair cursor. PowerPoint will then start recording the screen, including the audio and mouse pointer. After the recording, you can edit and add audio.

To save your screen recording as a separate file, right-click on the screen recording and select “Save Media As”. From the drop-down list, navigate to the folder that contains the recording file. Type the name of the file in the “Name:” field, and click “Save” to save it. Once the recording is finished, you can edit the length to suit your needs.

After recording, you can save the recording as a PowerPoint file or as a video file. You can also choose whether the video will play automatically, or when clicked.

Windows 10 Game Bar

Using the Windows 10 Game Bar to record gameplay and screenshots is a great way to keep track of your progress as you play your favorite games. The Game Bar will generate files in PNG or MP4 format, which you can then upload to YouTube or share with friends. It is also easy to change the recording interval, so you can choose the right amount of time to record.

To record a video, open the Capture panel in the Game Bar. From here, you can capture the entire screen or just a portion of it. Then, select the application you wish to record. You can even record your voice if you’d like. Once you’ve selected an app to record, click the Record button. The video will be saved in MP4 format and displayed in the Capture panel.

You can also use the background recording feature in Windows 10 to save the activity on your screen. This feature will create a 30-second buffer. However, it can’t record desktop apps, File Manager, or other windows. You can also record cursor movement.


Loom is a video-recording app that lets you capture video of your screen. With the app, you can record specific app interactions or your entire screen. Loom also lets you slow down or pause the recording for later viewing. To get started with Loom, download the desktop app, or install the Google Chrome extension. Next, select the recording type and camera or microphone source. Finally, click on the stop button to stop recording.

You can also record presentations using Loom. This feature can mimic a physical presentation, which makes them more engaging and informative. If you’re looking for a more engaging way to present ideas, this tool will be the best choice for you. It also makes group collaboration seamless. Using the recording feature allows you to capture your screen from different angles and provide feedback as you go.

Once you’ve finished recording your video, you can pause or delete it to share or embed it on the web. You can also use the video editing tool in the Loom app or on your website to edit and enhance your videos.


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