How to Show Clock on Desktop in Windows 10

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Whether you need a clock for your office or home, or simply want to customize the look of your desktop, there are plenty of ways to show it. These include Live Tiles, 8GadgetPack, Yahoo Widgets, Restoro, and more. The best way to display a clock on your desktop is to make it a customizable part of your Windows 10 theme.

Live Tiles

If you have a Windows 10 desktop and want to show a clock on it, you should try the Live Tiles feature. Live Tiles are mini apps that are placed in your Start menu. When you click on one, you will be taken to its settings page. Here, you can customize its appearance, add visual branding and images, and change its appearance. You can also test it before making any changes by opening it and looking at a preview.

Besides being able to add any information you want, you can use live tiles to display a clock on your desktop. You can pin an app to a Start menu Live Tile by right-clicking the app and selecting “Pin to Start”. You can also resize the tiles to a more comfortable size.

Not all apps have their own widgets, so you can create your own. To do this, go to the Custom Tiles tab and click on the Create new tile button. Select the Element to execute on the left sidebar. From the next drop-down menu, choose the Installed app. Click the Pick an app button to select the app.

Windows 10 also has a live tile for time zone. This tile displays the time in your current location. You can even customize its color, font, and dimmer. The clock app even has a setting for a glass effect. Moreover, you can customize its design and style. By doing so, you can show a clock on your desktop without leaving your Start screen. The app comes with many other features, too.

The clock app can be found in the Microsoft Store. Simply search for it in the search bar at the top-right of the Microsoft Store app. When the result page pops up, click the Install button to install it. After this, the app will launch. You can then move it wherever you like on your desktop. It’s completely free.


If you want to display a clock on your Windows 10 desktop, you can get 8GadgetPack. It integrates seamlessly with Windows 10 and offers accurate information. It also requires minimal CPU usage and RAM. This application can be installed by following a few steps.

You can download free clock apps from the internet. There are both analog and digital clock apps available. You can install them from the Windows Store or you can download them from the Internet in a zip file. They all come with a comprehensive guide that explains how to install them.

There are many ways to add a clock to Windows 10. One way is by configuring it to show time in a different time zone. If you have a family member who lives in another country, you can set the clock to display the time in their own country. Another option is to add multiple clocks and have them all show the time in several different time zones.

The program works similarly to the Windows desktop gadgets. It has an options screen and a sidebar. It also features a configuration utility. You can disable auto-running of gadgets, change the size, reset the settings, and even add your own gadgets with.gadget files. You can restore desktop gadgets using 8GadgetPack if you want.

The new 8GadgetPack has several updates. It also now supports Windows 10 and adds an MSN Weather alternative. The new version also fixes the problem with DPI scaling in some gadgets. It also fixes bugs and outdated gadgets. The program also includes a handy system performance tracker, so you can see how your system is performing.

Users of Windows 10 can also customize the clock by setting it to automatically launch at start-up. Another option is to place it anywhere on the desktop. The clock can be minimized if necessary. If you want, you can even synchronize the clock with the internet.

Another way to customize your desktop is by adding desktop gadgets to your PC. These programs work on your PC’s desktop, which makes it much easier to customize. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use application for this purpose, 8GadgetPack is a great solution. The program supports multiple languages and can be installed from Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization.

Yahoo Widgets

When you want a clock to be visible on your desktop, you can use the Yahoo widget. These widgets can be resized and rotated, and they also feature fifteen-minute chimes. You can even set multiple alarms. These clocks are available in eight different designs.

Yahoo Widgets was originally called Konfabulator, and was released for free in 2005. The engine continued to be known as Konfabulator until the company bought the software in 2005. The application provides various features, such as a clock, weather, news, feed reader, sticky notes, and calendar. Unfortunately, Yahoo Widgets uses a lot of memory, and it’s important to keep that in mind when installing them.

The Yahoo Widget engine is a robust tool for developing widgets. Its API uses JavaScript to implement a range of useful features. Widgets can include text-areas, images, timers, and links to webpages. Yahoo Widgets also offer the ability to run OS-specific code.

Another useful feature of Yahoo Widgets is the ability to add multiple instances of the same widget. This feature also allows you to customize the names of each widget. Using the gadget manager, you can add several clock widgets to your desktop, choose the ones you want, and customize them to meet your preferences.


Restoro repair is an extensive process which restores your PC to its original working state. It is required when your system has become damaged or overused. The program can also repair issues which have brought you to it in the first place. Restoro repairs your PC without having to reinstall the entire system.

The process involves identifying and removing any malicious components from your system. This software uses a combination of detection methods and can find dangerous components that your anti-virus may not be able to detect. This tool is an excellent complement to your anti-virus software. It prevents the re-emergence of viruses and cleans up the damage they cause. However, be aware that Restoro license keys are not perpetual. The renewal period is one year from the date of purchase.

If you want to perform a Restoro repair on your PC, you should be aware that the repair process will change your PC’s files. In some cases, the program may quarantine harmful applications and move them into a virus vault. Consequently, your antivirus application may detect this change and generate a warning. However, this will only occur during the repair process.

If you’ve recently changed your theme, it may have reset your clock. This could result in missing time icons. To restore the clock to its correct location, you’ll need to reset your time and date. To do this, you can open the Control Panel by typing “control” in the search bar. Click on the Time tab and select “Reset to defaults.” The time icon may disappear after you download a security patch.


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