How to Unlock the New Class in Risk of Rain 2

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In Risk of Rain 2, you can unlock eleven different playable characters. Each one represents a different class in the game. You start out with two characters unlocked by default. To unlock the other characters, you can follow the unlocking guides for each class. However, some classes have strange requirements and will take a lot of time to complete.


In Risk of Rain 2, you can unlock the playable character Rex through a specific means. To do this, you must retrieve a battery pack from an escape pod and take it to the Abyssal Depths. Make sure that you have at least 50 percent health or the battery pack will explode. Also, you can’t use any Equipment items while wearing the battery pack.

After you get the fuel array, you can start interacting with the robot. The Fuel Array is located in the back of the second highest platform of Abyssal Depths. Once you have this item, you can now give Rex an item to use. It is important to remember where to place the Fuel Array, since this will be your only way to reach Rex in Risk of Rain 2.

Once you’ve unlocked Rex, you can get her to do other useful things. For instance, if you want to damage several targets, you can use Leeching Seed. This skill gives Rex a hefty boost to health and can damage multiple targets at once.

Unlocking Rex isn’t easy, and it’s a challenge that will take time. It takes precision, patience, and luck. It takes two points to unlock Rex, but you can unlock her by completing the Power Plant challenge, which is found in the Abyssal Depths. Complete this challenge with all Playable Characters, except for the MUL-T, and then you’ll have access to Rex’s full arsenal of abilities.


To unlock the Engineer character in Risk of Rain 2, you need to first complete the first 30 levels. There are different types of achievements, and you need to complete these to advance to the next level. However, as the game is still in its early access phase, you may encounter problems. In some cases, you may not be able to unlock the Engineer right away. In this case, it will be important to continue to meet the requirements and try again.

If you are an Engineer and want to play as a Support, the Engineer survivor is your best bet. This build is the ultimate support in Risk of Rain 2. Engineer’s skill set is infinite and combines well with damage dealer characters. The item combination you will get from this build is also unique. It consists of the TR12 Gauss Auto-Turret and Bubble Shield.

To unlock the Engineer, you need to finish the first stage five times. You will receive the Verified achievement for completing this level. You will also need to complete the first stage five times, eliminate the boss, and exit the stage. Once you have completed the first 30 stages, you will unlock the Engineer.

In Risk of Rain 2, you can unlock eight different characters. Each of them has a different play style. In this Risk of Rain 2 guide, we’ll explain how to unlock each character and how to play them.


Mercenary is a risky class to unlock in Risk of Rain 2. You have to navigate around enemies while dealing a lot of damage. Getting into the Mercenary’s roster is also a challenge, since you have to get into the Celestial Portal. Thankfully, there is a guide to unlocking Mercenary in Risk of Rain 2.

The first thing you must do is defeat the boss in a stage. After this, you will need to find a portal that leads to the bottom of the area. Once there, interact with the obelisk twice. Ultimately, you will unlock Mercenary.

Mercenary is a ranged class with a ranged attack and one secondary ability. This ability is similar to Eviscerate, but without the temporary invulnerability and invisibility. This ability deals 8×100% damage repeatedly and has a short cooldown. It can also stick to larger enemies.

Mercenary’s skills and abilities can be unlocked with experience. While you’re leveling up, try to maximize your experience gains by avoiding unnecessary mistakes. Mercenary has high empowering abilities and can be used to counter the aggression of the enemy.

Unlocking the Mercenary is fairly easy. Mercenary’s abilities can scale with attack speed. In addition, their fundamental attack, Laser Sword, can be held down indefinitely. This attack can be combined with Whirlwind to extend the damage done. Whirlwind can be used while sprinting. It’s useful for damaging enemies in large groups. This attack has no cooldown, and can be used to slash enemies to a large area.


The Bandit is one of the new playable characters in Risk of Rain 2. A stealthy outlaw, this character prefers to ambush his enemies from behind and deal a huge amount of damage with a shotgun-rifle and daggers. He can also finish a job by using his final ability, Lights Out. Getting the most out of the Bandit will require a bit of skill and knowledge of the game’s mechanics, however.

First, you must complete the Warrior challenge before you can unlock Bandit. Without it, you won’t even be able to see the character in-game or try out his skills. Secondly, you need to complete the 3rd Temeporter event. Afterward, you will be able to use Bandit’s skills and equipment.

While the Huntress is the default character, you can also unlock the Bandit. This character uses guns, daggers, and smoke bombs to deal damage. As with the Huntress, the Bandit’s skills are situational. It is very important to have skill when playing this character, otherwise, you will get stuck with a mediocre performance.

The Bandit also has two secondary skills, one of which you can unlock if you complete the Sadist challenge. The Serrated Dagger deals 360% damage over four seconds, and it stacks with bleed. It is a great choice when fighting enemies with high HP.


To unlock Acrid in Risk of Rain 2, you will have to complete a specific quest. This quest involves defeating enemies and completing a series of tasks. The first task involves defending a location. When you are defending an area, you must charge your bubble shield to 100%, and then you must wait for it to regenerate before you fight the enemies. You must do this for nine times, and then you will unlock Acrid.

The second quest will require you to find three crates. These chests will give you various items that will help you to kill your enemies. These chests are located on the first floor of the map. Once you have all the items you need, you will be able to unlock the last quest. Upon completing the quest, you will receive a reward of a certain amount of money.

Acrid is a playable character in Risk of Rain 2. Unlike the other characters, her abilities have been greatly expanded. However, the main difficulty in unlocking Acrid is that you do not have access to her at the beginning of the game. You must first complete the “To Be Left Alone” challenge, which will allow you to gain access to her abilities. This challenge can only be attempted once per run, and you can’t get her until you have completed the mission.

Acrid is a tank character that is useful in taking out big monsters with high HP. However, she is quite beefy and can be very difficult to deal with. You need to collect nine beacons in this zone to unlock Acrid. Then you will need to complete the “Acrid’s Pandemic” achievement, which requires you to inflict 1000 poisons on your enemies. If you play through the mission multiple times, you will be rewarded for the extra poisons that Acrid gives you.


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